Mini motorbike “CMM”Type/model: Superminicross 125 CC

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mini motorbike “CMM”Type/model: Superminicross 125 CC.
The use of this machine is extremely dangerous and it could injure the rider or any other person in the vicinity because: - a finger can easily be inserted up to the sprocket since the chain guard near the sprocket is insufficient; - there is no chain guard near the gear cog to prevent trapping between the gear cog and the chain; - the lateral protection of the exhaust heats up to 84ºC and the bend of the exhaust pipe in the foot area heats up to 230ºC; the product contains sharp edges, such as the panels for protecting the underside and the brake pedal; - the intake air filter falls off when touched and it is in a position where it can easily be hit by a foot; - the operation of the fuel shutoff valve is awkward since the plastic parts of the bodywork make it difficult to operate; - the throttle (air) does not stay in position; - the steering stop damages the lower end of the fork; - the noise level is excessive; - the warning information and instruction manual are incomplete. The product does not comply with the Machinery Directive.
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