SAKO TRG rifle

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SAKO TRG rifle
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The recall covers Sako TRG-22, Sako TRG-42 and Sako M995 (TRG-S) rifles manufactured between October 1999 and October 2002. TRG-22 and TRG-42: sharp shooting rifle, green or black synthetic stock, black barrel, overall length 1150-1200 mm; Sako M995 (TRG-S): hunting rifle, black synthetic stock, black barrel, overall length 1120-1200 mm. Calibers: 25-06 Rem, 270 Win, 284 Firebird, 7mm Rem Mag, 308 Win, 30-06 Sprg, 300 Win Mag, 308 Warbird, 30-378 Weath Mag, 338 Win Mag, 338 Lapua Mag, 9.3x62, 375 H&H Mag.
There is a risk that when the rifle is fired with a defective cartridge – either because it was reloaded or because the cartridge had a primer that pierced upon detonation – the rearward gas escape might cause a broken portion of the firing pin to exit the rear portion of the rifle towards the shooter. No actual accidents happened but one incident was confirmed in Italy and one in Canada. Ejected firing pin may cause injury to the shooter, especially if the shooter is firing the rifle without use of protective safety glasses.
Measures taken
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Sako TRG-22, Sako TRG-42, Sako M995 (TRG-S)
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Consumer product
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Serious risk
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