Toy police sets S

Recall published
  • 1) Unknown 2) JLM
Product title
Toy police sets 1) S.W.A.T. 2) POLICE SET
Product description
1) Plastic copper-coloured crossbow with 4 multicoloured projectiles (blue, green, yellow, rose) with transparent pink suction cups. Packed in a transparent plastic bag closed by a dark cardboard fastener with marking S.W.A.T., 3+ Ages, Made in China and others. 2) Plastic pistol of golden colour, 2 black projectiles with orange suction cups, dark blue watch, grey handcuffs with a small key, dark grey transmitter and black binoculars. Packed in a blister with marking Police Set, World Champion, Made in China, etc.
The products pose a risk of choking because the suction cups can be easily detached. If the suction cup is entirely stuck in the mouth, it can block the airways resulting in choking. The products do not comply with the Toys Directive and with the relevant European standard EN 71.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
1) ITEM NO: 121-089, EAN code: 6568521210895
2) ITEM NO: 122-235, EAN code: 6568521222355
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
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