Laser pointers

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  • Sky or unbranded
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Laser pointers
Product description
1) Torch style laser, marked "Sky 1000" Mercury, with a push on/push off button on the end of the device opposite to the laser aperture. Emits a blue beam.  Class 4.2) Laser pointer (pen style) with a white body. The pen clip is marked "laser pointer". Push button operation is on the side.  Class 3B.3) laser pointer with dark blue body and 4 rows of dimples on the body below the pocket clip. Class 3B.4) Torch style laser with 6 LEDs around the laser aperture. 2 push to operate buttons on the side. Class 3B.5) Black laser pointer, gold trim, push button operation is on the side, Class 3B. Emitting violet laser beam.6) Torch style laser with soft case, marked "Sky 200". Wrist strap and attached key, removable diffractive element which produces a star pattern.  Push button operation on side. Class 3B.7) Black torch style laser, "Sky 50" marked on side, hexagonal section on body, no keys, soft case, wrist strap, push button on/off at opposite end to laser aperture. Class 3B.8) Silver laser pointer with pocket clip, marked "Sky".  Push button operation on side. Labelled "Output power < 1mW, Wavelength 532 nm, Class II Product". Actually Class 3B.9) Torch style laser, marked "Max 50", wrist strap, push button on/off at opposite end to laser aperture.  Soft case. Class 3B.10) Laser pointer with silver body in a presentation box, marked "Sky lasers". The side of the body of the laser is marked "moon" or "pluto", push button to operate on side. Class 3B.11) Torch style laser marked "Sky 150" labelled: "Output power <150 mw, Wavelength 532nm. Class IIIb product".  Wrist strap, push button to operate on side.  Class 3B.
The products pose a risk of damage to sight because they are Class 3B or 4 lasers.
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Consumer product
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Damage to sight
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Products with serious risks
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United Kingdom

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