Smoke detector 'Détecteur de fumée optique' (Optical smoke detector)

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  • Garvan profi-line
Product title
Smoke detector 'Détecteur de fumée optique' (Optical smoke detector)
Product description
The model has been manufactured on 15/12/2006Optical smoke detector enclosed in a blister pack, guarantee 5 years, sound signals when the battery is low for 30 days, battery included (3X3V lithium).
The product poses a risk of fire because the sound emission of the alarm is not loud enough when the battery is low, which means the detector may not be heard and thusthere is a risk that the user will be unable to take the necessary measures to prevent a fire. In addition, the information provided on the product is neither sufficient nor indelible. The product does not comply with the Construction Products Directive and with the relevant European standard EN 14604.
Measures taken
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Consumer product
Risk type
Asphyxiation Fire
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Risk level
Products with serious risks
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