Bath lotion – Aquolina Bagno containing yogurt fragranza mousse di

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Product title
Bath lotion – Aquolina Bagno containing yogurt fragranza mousse di fragola
Product description
White plastic bottle with black lid, volume 250 ml, pictures of strawberries and/or wild strawberries and/or apricots and/or citruses and/or cherries and/or coconut and/or vanilla on the label. Products exhibit a smell of the fruit. Contains warning labels.
The products can be misused as food products because of their fruit yogurt aroma and the shape of packaging that resembles food. The product represents a serious health risk for children, as chemical pneumonia may develop after ingestion for following reasons. Unpleasant taste fortified by addition of denatonium benzoate (Bitrex) and the production of foam in the stomach due to the product formulation will cause vomiting after ingestion. Because of anatomical parameters of the apertura of larynx and aesophagus in small children, the vomited material can be more readily aspirated. In addition, when foam is produced, its aspiration can be probably foreseen. The products contain detergents and emulsifiers in their formulations, i.e. active surface agents, which have toxic damaging effects on bronchial and lung alveolar tissues. The chemical damage is followed by inflammation, i.e. pneumonia caused by chemicals present in the product formulation.
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All batches
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Consumer product
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RAPEX Reference
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Products with serious risks
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Czech Republic

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