Motorcycle – Suzuki VZR1800 and Suzuki VZR1800UF

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Product title
Motorcycle – Suzuki VZR1800 and Suzuki VZR1800UF
Product description
Motorcycles manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation/Japan with sales descriptions VZR1800 and VZR1800UF. Vehicles were manufactured from 2006 to 2007.
The product poses a serious risk of fire due to fuel leakage. Inadequate connection between the fuel hose (rubber hose) and the fuel line (steel pipe) causes leakage of fuel. The fuel distribution line on all affected vehicles is being replaced by a modified one as a precaution.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Motorcycles Suzuki with sales
Descriptions VZR1800 and VZR1800UF. Type WVCA, EC type-approval e1*2002/24*0278. VINs :
In Germany:
- JS1CA111100100023 to JS1CA111100101488
- JS1CA111100101527 to JS1CA111100104457;
Other vehicle identification numbers affected internationally:
- JS1CA1111001000022 to JS1CA111100104590
- JS1CA111200100002 to JS1CA111200100316
- JS1CA211100100002 to JS1CA211100100601
- JS1VY53A*62100050 to JS1VY53A*62106133
- JS1VY53A*72100009 to JS1VY53A*72107781.
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
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Products with serious risks
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