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  • Stsinghua
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Summer model pushchair with a red embroidered inscription in a foreign language. It is available in various colours. The product is sold in transparent polyethylene packaging.
The product poses a risk of injuries because - in the accessible area there are cutting and squeezing points between the moving parts, which close at a distance of less than 12 mm (the holding mechanisms of the hood), which may cause entrapment and squeezing of the child’s fingers; - in the accessible area there are accessible openings bigger than 5 mm, smaller than 12 mm, and deeper than 10 mm, which may lead to entrapment and squeezing of the child’s fingers, thus causing injuries or fractures; - the fabric of the seat is not sufficiently tightened nor well-attached, which may cause the child to fall from the pushchair; – the textile parts that are intended to hold the child in place did not withstand testing and, as a result, there is a risk that the child may fall from the pushchair; - the pushchair has only one locking mechanism (in order to avoid the risk of unintentional folding of the pushchair due to actions performed by the adult or the child); the pushchair must have at least two locking mechanisms). In addition, the packaging does not have the required warnings and instructions for use in Bulgarian. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 1888.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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