VHF marine radio LVR-250 – Marine VHF DSC Radio

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  • Lowrance
Product title
VHF marine radio LVR-250 – Marine VHF DSC Radio
Product description
25 Watt VHF radio with digital selective call (DSC) distress button. The LCD presents 4 lines of text to display channel names, GPS position, GPS speed, GPS course or time, and DSC messages. The distress button is used in the case of an emergency to send an automatic emergency message.
The product poses a risk of drowning because the operation of the distress button does not follow the ITU recommendations, the description in EN 301 025 or the description in the user manual. Instead of just lifting the lid and hold down the button for 3 seconds, the user needs to lift a lid and then press the button twice. This way of operation may not be clear for the user and might lead to a case where the user thinks he/she has sent an emergency signal, but actually has not.
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Serial Number: 259401247
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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