Tricycle for children

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Tricycle for children
1. Metal screws ends and margins of metal fastening of wheel bracket are abrasive and margins of the plastic details are abrasive and with splinters (using tricycle such margins could make lacerated wounds for children), which does not comply with Paragraphs 4.7 and 5.1 of the Standard EN 71-1:2006. Child can get serious injuries against the protrusions of not rounded ends of screws, and sharp and abrasive edges of steering console and plastic elements. 2. It is possible to fit in 5 mm bar between the wheel and the metal body, but 12 mm bar is not possible to fit in, which does not comply with Paragraph of the Standard EN 71-1:2006. As a result, deep cuts and wounds can be caused after inserting fingers between the wheel and metal frame. 3. It is possible to take off the cap of battery box without any tools, which does not comply with Paragraph 14.7 of the Standard EN 62115:2005 A. As a result, child can open it and reach batteries which can be extremely dangerous in case they are placed in mouth and swallowed.
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