Plastic-framed lighting chain illustrating a Xmas tree

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Plastic-framed lighting chain illustrating a Xmas tree. The lamps are fixed to the plastic frame of the lighting chain. There is one bimetal lamp for operating the flashing unit. Weight: 0,1 kg Package.
The voltage (220V) indicated on the package and also on the plug differs from the one used in Hungary (230V). The cross-sectional area of the twisted conductors of the cord between the connecting cords and the lamp holder is less than 0,1mm2.The plug can be taken apart without using a tool. The connecting pins can be screwed off the plug by hand. The twisted conductors have been screwed on the pins of the plug. The wire connected to the lamp holder comes off the lamp holder under force of 15,7N. During the fire test and the needle-flame test for 10 seconds on the material of the lamp holders the fire did not stop burning within 30 seconds and the falling fire drops burnt the paper placed underneath the sample (distance: 200 mm+- 5 mm).
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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Serious risk
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