Angle grinder 900 W

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Angle grinder 900 W, 125 mm
Product description
The product has plastic cover. The machine can be switched on by pushing the button forward, where it is locked. By pressing the button it is released, and the switch automatically gets into the switch-off position. The protecting shield is made of iron plate, it can be turned round, it is fixed to the crank house with a round iron plate. Main parts of the device: mains plug with inscription "16A 250V~ FY-007" + marks of manufacturer+ VDE; mains cable with inscription "YONGKANG ZHIYING CABLE AND WIRE FACTORY H05VV-F 2X0,75mm2+ VDE"; bipolar switch with inscription „"MARQUARDT 1247 5(5)/250~ 5E4 10A 125V AC 5A 250V AC" + marks of manufacturer. Attached cutting discs: 3 cutting discs of 123 mm diameter without marks and inscriptions; 1 metal based cutting disc of 125 mm diameter with inscription:” "REDLIN 125X1.8X5X22.23 MM" + marking of rotation direction. Technical specification: 230 V~ 50 hz; 900 W; Class II; 11000r/min; 125 mm.
The product poses a serious risk of: - electric shock because during the mechanical strength test the plastic cover detached and live parts became accessible; - injuries because the device operating the switch gets stuck, therefore the locking mechanism can be released only with difficulties. This product does not comply with Machinery Directive and the relevant European standard EN 50144.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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