Children's bikini "GIULIA JIA JIA"

Recall published
  • GJJ
Product title
Children's bikini "GIULIA JIA JIA"
Product description
Purple and yellow bikini intended for children aged 9-10 years old. The bikini has elastic, light purple halter neck cords and back and waist cords with free ends. The length of the cords at the neck is 34 cm. The length of the cords at the back is 32 cm.
The product poses a risk of strangulation and injuries because the bikini top has functional cords with loose ends. The drawstrings can easily become entangled in fixed objects if the child is moving quickly. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 14682.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Type of model: XT1106
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Injuries Strangulation
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
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