Garden lamps – various dwarfs holding a lamp (portable luminaire)

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Garden lamps – various dwarfs holding a lamp (portable luminaire)
Product description
Portable luminaires of various sizes, which have metal and glass cover and can be hung with hanging hooks onto one hand of the garden dwarf of various forms and sizes designed especially for supporting the luminaires. The height of the dwarfs is approximately 0,45 and 0.75 m. Since this type of product is generally used in a garden, therefore the classification of the luminaires is portable garden luminaires. Main parts of the luminaires: E 14 lamp holder with inscriptions: "T/4 250 V 2A CE T210”; mains cable with inscriptions: "nkt cables H03VVH2-F 2x0.5mm2 BBJ HAR VDE CE”; mains plug with inscriptions: "acar SPZ-79 2,5/250~ B VDE” Technical specification: 230V; 50Hz; other parameters are not indicated. The light sources are of 15 and 40 W, E14 capped. Class II (by appearance).
This product poses a serious risk of electric shock because: - the lamp holder and the nipple are not protected against loosening (they are not locked); -the size and design of the cord anchorage applied (round cross section area) is not in accordance with the flat mains cable; - the size of the cross section area is too small (0.5 mm2); - the insulation material is PVC instead of rubber required for outdoor use, and a moderate risk of injury since the luminaires include sharp glass parts and the metal parts have sharp points. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and with the relevant European standard EN 60598.
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Electric shock Injuries
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