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Video game with a supply unit – Super study game piano - Musician
Product description
The basic unit of the video game provided with plastic cover consists of a computer keyboard (105-buttons) integrated with piano keyboard. For the power supply of the unit there are 4 series connected AA-R6 batteries and an adaptor operating with 10 V d.c. output voltage. The basic unit contains a port for memory cards with the game software, 2 COM ports for external control devices (mouse, pistol as hit sensors, push-button game control), an RCA for sound and video output. The game can be started with a press button. Main electrical parts of the video game: interface panel with inscription: KX-6561(2); control panel with inscription: KXL-999-1; mains supply adaptor "TV-GAME AC ADAPTOR Z AC 220V 50/60 Hz DC 10V 500 mA POWER SUPPLY CAUTION Indoor use only Technical specification: AC 220V; 50/60 Hz DC 10V 500 mA; 4x1,5V R6". Class II (by appearance).
The product poses a serious risk of electric shock because: - the live parts of the primary circuit in the transformer are accessible; - the insulation between the primary and secondary circuit is less than required; - the size of the plug is non-compliant, and a moderate risk of burns because the spring conductor of the battery holder overheats (measured value: >500 °C) if short-circuited, and a moderate risk of injuries because there is no adequate distance between the moving parts of the game (piano keyboard/cover). This product does not comply with the Toys Directive and the relevant European standards EN 71-1 and EN 61558.
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03323793 X
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Consumer product
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Burns Electric shock Injuries
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Serious risk
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