Gas-fired oven and oven

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Gas-fired oven and oven with grill combined with a refrigerator for installing in mobile homes and caravans ‘Dometic”. Serial numbers: to 629xxxxx. The serial number and type specification are written on a factory plate attached to the inside of the refrigerator.
Screw connections in the oven gas supply pipe can leak, allowing gas to escape and ignite. The screw connections between the gas regulator valve and the burner are not tight enough, allowing gas to escape and ignite. Gas can escape only when the oven and/or the grill are in operation. The oven should therefore not be used until the appliance has been checked
Measures taken
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TecTower RMT 7650, TecTower RMT 7651, TecTower RMT 7655
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Consumer product
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Fire Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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