Incandescent table lamp

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Incandescent table lamp.
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Electrical appliances - Product: Incandescent table lamp. Brand: Unknown. Type/number of model: (EAN 4 029069 051101). Description: White cardboard package on which there are pictures of different kinds of luminaires. Size of the package is 17 cm x 17 cm x 26.5 cm. The luminaire is a blue dolphin size of which is about 19 cm x 26 cm. Different kinds of figures are available
Electric shock. Luminaire is not protected against electric shock when it is opened for the lamp replacement. Live parts of the lamp cap, the soldered connections of lamp holder and the spiral part of the lamp holder are accessible during the lamp replacement. Moreover, when the base gets loose, the live parts are accessible. The luminaire does not fulfil the requirements regarding the lamp voltage. The lamp voltage is 230V, while max allowed is 24V (safety extra low voltage). This product does not comply with the LVD Directive and the European Standards.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock
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Products with serious risks
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