Belt sander “WORX”

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Belt sander “WORX”
Product description
This product poses a serious risk of injuries (trapping, engagement and abrasion of the fingers) because: - the belt guard at the front means is too short thus the operator's fingers can easily come into contact with the sanding belt during operation. The gap left between the belt and the frame acting as the support base is wide enough to admit all the fingers and trap the hand between the (moving) sanding belt and the frame; - the machine did not pass the test required by the standard EN-60745-1, since, when it was dropped from a height of 1 m, the sanding-depth adjustment screw broke and the basic support structure and all of its fastener flanges were deformed, preventing it from being re-attached correctly; - the assembly and operating instructions are inadequate. This product does not comply with the Machinery Standard and Machinery Directive.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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