Children's dress

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Children's dress
Product description
A casual children’s dress made of cotton. The colour is white with pink or blue flowers, with a ribbon on the front and attached rhinestones, with shoulder straps, with lace in the lower section of the dress. There are long cords emerging from the waist area that are tied at the back. There is also a label with the inscription - Wei Mi Qi 0946 and the size. Sizes from 110 to 140.
The product poses a risk of injuries as the belt/sash at the waist is too long and could become entangled in fixed object when the child is moving. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 14682. In addition the product poses a risk of choking as the rhinestones can easily become detached and may be placed in their mouths by children.
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Consumer product
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Choking Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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