Laser projector

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Laser projector
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Category: Toys Product: Laser projector Brand: DANCE Type/number of model: EK-9223, XEMU LASER, 51040, 60-0810
This product poses a risk of damage to sight because the output power of laser radiation (1,2 mW) exceeds three times the limit value (0,39 mW) of the Class 1 laser product. The product belongs to laser safety Class 3R and the marking “Class 1 laser product” in this toy is therefore incorrect. According to the European standard EN 62115, lasers and light-emitting diodes in toys shall meet the requirements for Class 1 lasers in accordance with standard 60825-1 as only Class 1 laser products are safe under foreseeable conditions of operation, including the use of optical instruments for intrabeam viewing.
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Consumer product
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Damage to sight
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Hong Kong
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Products with serious risks
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