Wooden toy in a shape of a dog - 30117

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Wooden toy in a shape of a dog - 30117 Puck
Product description
Category: Toys Product: Wooden toy in a shape of a dog - 30117 Puck Brand: BRIO Type/number of model: The recall only concerns the batches with the following date code: 2F216, 2F234, 2F244.
The product '30117 Puck' was tested and approved according to the standard EN-71. However, the specific batches with the following datacode: 2F216, 2F234 and 2F244, which are being recalled now, do not fulfil the requirements of the standard EN-71. According to the manufacturer the plastic in this particular batches has been defected which leads to shattering if the product is dropped from a high level. If the plastic is shattered it will cause both small parts and sharp points and edges. One near-accident has occurred in Japan.
Measures taken
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Consumer product
Risk type
Cuts Suffocation
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Products with serious risks
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