Rechargeable torch

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Rechargeable torch
Product description
The housing of the rechargeable torch with 3 LEDs is made of plastic, with a handle, a function button and a charge indicator LED. The torch includes a built-in plug. The brand name and the model number are printed on the housing of the torch. A plastic covered bi-pole adapter with inscription "IR39 SMK JAPAN" is attached. There are no technical parameters on the product and the packaging.
The product poses a risk of: - electric shock, because the dimensions of the built-in plug and the adapter do not comply with the relevant standards. During charging, the live parts of the product are accessible since single-pin insertion of the plug is possible. The cross-section area of the core is less then required. (0.21 mm ²). - fire, because in the case of a short circuit the internal wires may overheat and can cause fires. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the relevant European standard EN 60884.
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Consumer product
Risk type
Electric shock Fire
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RAPEX Reference
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Products with serious risks
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