Liquid incense

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Liquid incense
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Category: Chemical products Product: Liquid incense Brand: RUSH Type/number of model: Item No 1101
This product poses a chemical risk because it contains 95% of isobutyl nitrite which is classified as carcinogenic (category 2) and therefore prohibited in consumer products under Directive 76/769/EEC. Vapour inhalation of the product can cause irritation of respiratory tract, dizziness, weakness and headache. In case of prolonged inhalation, neurological symptoms may occur. Direct contact or exposure to vapours or mists may cause stinging, tearing, redness and swelling. Direct contact with skin can cause irritation. Repeated contact with skin can cause eczema. In case of ingestion of product, the irritation and injuries of gastro intestinal tract may occur.
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Consumer product
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United States
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Products with serious risks
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