AT manual control lever bolt in Mitsubishi SUV

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AT manual control lever bolt in Mitsubishi SUV
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The recall concerns vehicles with production dates from 21 November 2006 to 22 March 2007. The VIN/chassis numbers of the affected vehicles are: JMBMYV87W7J000140 - JMBMYV87W7J000164 JMAMYV88W7J000170 - JMAMYV88W7J000431 JMBMYV88W7J000380 - JMBMYV88W7J001430 JMBLYV97W7J001392 - JMBLYV97W7J002678 JMBLYV97W8J000138 - JMBLYV97W8J000147 JMALYV98W7J000182 - JMALYV98W7J001296 JMBLYV98W7J001032 - JMBLYV98W7J003377.
There is a possibility that the bolt welded to the manual control lever (lower) at the AT side may be cracked, which may result in loosening of the adjust nut and moving of the cable. This can then lead to a different positioning of the shift lever itself from actual A/T shift position. (For instance: Shift lever position is “P”, but actually A/T shift position is “R”). In this case, customer tries to start the engine, but engine cannot start because of “R” position .In a worst-case scenario, the bolt might get broken and then, the control cable might be disconnected from the fixing location, resulting in no operation of A/T shift and inability for driving.
Measures taken
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Pajero/Montero (Shogun) AT (V87/V88/V97/V98)
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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