Lighting chains

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Lighting chains
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Category: Lighting equipment Product: Lighting chains Brand: Various Type/number of model: 31 decorative lighting chains in a variety of types and numbers of models: 1)288 twinkle lights (8x36), barcode 02061281199 2)100 twinkle lights with star, barcode 2061276652 3)150 icicle lights, barcode 2061281212 4)100 white lights for internal use, barcode 5202061265427 5)100, 4mm mini bulb, 28w, barcode 6923543506171 6) CE 100l / 4mm mini bulb with connector, icicle with star, 14w, barcode 6923543510239 7) 4mm mini bulb 16w CE, barcode 6923543506140 8) 140 mini bulb, jazz 140l/4f colour, code 97802105 9) 100 mini bulb clear, code 97802068 10) 240 mini bulbs, jazz 240l/4f clear, code 97802211 11) 180 mini bulbs, jazz 180l/4f clear, code 97802167 12) 180 mini lights multi function bulbs, code 5203266 13) mini bulb 100 end plug, code 5203266 14) 888 rice lights new (xll888cc, barcode 5203266888053 15) 360 twinkle lights xllg 11360, barcode 5203266590291 16) 100 twinkle lights xllg 11100w, barcode 5203266590093 17)mini bulb 100 multi function xll 100l /g, barcode 520326693007 18)180 twinkle lights xll 180 l/p, barcode 5203266397746 19)mini bulb 100 (xll 11100w), barcode 520326675100 20)140 twinkle lights vll140l /r 21)140 twinkle lights xll 140l/w, barcode 5203266412210 22) 200 rain lightings 23) 240 twinkle lights xllg11240, barcode 5203266590178 24)twinkle 100 lamps, code 991012 25)icicle 150 lamps light set, code 146228 26)mini bulb 300, code 103002 27)140 twinkle light 28)200 rain lightings, code 880184 29)lighting chain with Christmas tree and Santa Claus 30)lighting chain in shape of wreath with Santa Claus 31)lighting chain in shape of hart with Santa Claus
The notified products pose the risks of fire and electric shock because the cross-section area of the products’ internal and external wiring is less than required by the standard.Furthermore, there is no data label attached to the product, bearing the required markings indicating: CE mark, name and data of the manufacturer, type (category) of product and other technical characteristics required by the standard. Some of the notified products bear indication “for internal and external use”, while they can be safely used only for internal use. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the European standard EN 60598.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire
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Products with serious risks
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