Children's T-shirt - Style

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Children's T-shirt - Style
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Category: Clothing Product: Children's T-shirt - Style Brand: F&D Fashion Type/number of model: TD 619
The product poses a risk of injury due to the following non-compliances with the relevant European standard EN 14682: - the product has two functional textile strings with a constant length of 155mm sewn on the edging of the neckline although clothing for small children younger than 7 years and shorter than 134 cm must not include pull-strings, functional and decorative strings that are placed in the neck area; - the length of the four textile pull-strings on the bottom part of the T-shirt that hang freely under the edging of the T-shirt is 155 mm; - all string ends are not secured against frazzling. There is a danger of a child getting caught by the surrounding objects.
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Consumer product
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