Portable luminary for children

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Product title
Portable luminary for children
Product description
1. Construction: body – glass part in a shape of a hemisphere with a diameter 23 cm, representing the upper part of a mushroom, painted on it four red mushrooms with white points and a black foot. In four places are painted tree points with different diameters; metal base, representing a red cylinder, with diameter 13 #m and height 2,5 cm. Through a metal tube (the foot of the mushroom – luminary) passes a supplying cable connecting the lamp holder under the hemisphere; 2. Electrical characteristics: lamp holder #14 of filament lamp with power not exceeding 40W; a double-core black flat supplying cable of 130 #m length, switch - black 1,4 #, 250 V; plug– black with technical data 250V, 2,5#.
This product poses a serious risk of electric shock because : - protection against contact to live parts is not sufficient. The protection of this type of luminaire is generally ensured by the use of power transformer/converter of safety voltage not exceeding 24V, - there is no suitable protection of the supplying cable against mechanical damage to the insulation, - there is no mark of the protection class. The luminaire's insulation does not conform to the requirements of protection class II (double or strengthened insulation), - there are no instructions for assembly and use. In addition, there are small removable parts. This product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and the relevant European standard EN 605908.
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No 6157
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Consumer product
Risk type
Electric shock
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Products with serious risks
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