Hair dye "Directions Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Colour"

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  • La Riché
Product title
Hair dye "Directions Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Colour"
Product description
4 x 88 ml tubs in each box. Available in 34 shades: Alpine Green, Apple Green, Apricot, Atlantic Blue, Bright Daffodil, Carnation Pink, Cerise, Coral Red, Dark Tulip, Ebony, Fire, Flame, Flamingo Pink, Fluorescent Glow, Lagoon Blue, Lavender, Lilac, Mandarin, Midnight Blue, Neon Blue, Pastel Pink, Pillarbox Red, Plum, Poppy Red, Rose Red, Rubine, Silver, Spring Green, Tangerine, Tulip, Turquoise, Vermillion Red, Violet, White Toner.
The products poses a chemical risk as they contain, according to the label, the following colouring agents, whose use is prohibited by the Cosmetics Directive: CI 42535; CI 45170; CI 48054; CI 51004; CI 11270; CI 52015; CI 42595; CI 45430.
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Consumer product
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United Kingdom
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Products with serious risks
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