Oil lamp - Glow/Thomas Sandell 2008

Recall published
  • Iittala Glow
Product title
Oil lamp - Glow/Thomas Sandell 2008
Product description
Oil lamp consisting of two separate parts, which are similar in shape. The metallic lower part is the oil container. Upper part (wick-guard) is made of glass.
The product poses: - a chemical risk, because the wick-guard is totally loose and the filler cap on the oil container is not childproof. The filler opening does not require two independent movements in order to be opened, i.e. there is no bayonet joint. Therefore, the wick is easily accessible to children. Small children can put the wick in their mouths and ingest lamp oil which may prove to be fatal (lung damage); - a risk of fire, because there is a risk of oil leakage due to a hole in the filler cap. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 14059.
Measures taken
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Consumer product
Risk type
Chemical Fire
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Products with serious risks
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