Soap bubble set - “BUBBLE FUN”

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Soap bubble set - “BUBBLE FUN”
Product description
The products are containers for soap solution, made of smooth coloured plastic: red with a green cap, yellow with a red cap and green with a yellow cap. The caps have a dome-shaped top of clear plastic and have little spheres around them. Each item bears a dark blue label decorated with soap bubbles in a lighter blue. On the front there is the face of a blond child who is making bubbles by blowing on the end of a wand attached to a green cap, as well as the name of the article in red, yellow and orange lettering.
The product poses a microbiological risk because the microbial count of aerobic mesophilic bacteria was 3.8×106 CFU/ml. The solution also contains: - Pseudomonas putida (opportunistic pathogen); - Gram-negative bacteria, indicating the possible presence of enteric bacteria.
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Bar code 4006592794651
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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