Motorcycle - Water pump impeller in DUCATI motorcycles

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Motorcycle - Water pump impeller in DUCATI motorcycles
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The recall affects DUCATI models Monster S4 RS and ST3 motorcycles within frame no. range: - ST3 from frame serial number ZDMS302AA7B006600 to ZDMS302AA7B006640 (Europe model)- Monster S4 R and RS from frame serial number ZDM1RB5T77B106330 to ZDM1RB5TX7B106516 (USA version), from ZDMM417AA7B106006 to ZDMM417AA7B106675 (Europe version) and from ZDMM418AA7B106009 to ZDMM418AA7B106021 (France version).
This product poses a risk of injuries because the water pump impeller does not turn as a new impeller, with a wrong shaft – which is shorter than the nominal one, and does not engage on the timing lay shaft – was installed. Due to this reason, the cooling system does not work properly (Coolant temperature easily exceeds the max. allowed value of > 120° C, even if electric fans correctly switch on), with a consequent damage of some engine parts (piston seizure, for example). That may allow the engine to stall, causing a crash.
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DUCATI motorcycles, models Monster S4 RS and ST3
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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