Radio-controlled toy car

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Radio-controlled toy car with remote control and battery charger.
Product description
The package of the product contains a plastic toy car with a control frequency of 27 MHz or 49 MHz, (number plate on the product: WOLFHOUND), operated by batteries, a battery charger (XIONG FENG ELECTRONIC model No.: XF-3053A AC 220-240V;50/60 Hz;/DC 9,6V 200mA Class II ; for the connection of the battery charger an transformer adaptor is also provided), a remote control (“R/C FREE CONTROL TOP POWERFUL TOP SUPERIOR SPEEDY CE MHz 006P 6LR61 9V”), battery ( “Ni-Cd AA700mAh 9,6V”), and a dry battery of 9V 6LR61. Size: L: 38 cm x W:18 cm x H:15 cm. Inscription on the packaging: Power Cross-Country 4WD.
The product poses a risk of : (i) electric shock because: - the plug of the battery charger is non-standardized, the attached transformer adaptor does not comply with the Hungarian plug/socket system. - the age symbol (8 years) and certain technical parameters (voltage) are missing, there are no instructions in Hungarian for the safe use. (ii) burns since the battery charger can be short-circuited and thus the cover overheats. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and relevant European standards EN-60335 and EN-50088.
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Consumer product
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Burns Electric shock
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