Radio-controlled toy car

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Radio-controlled toy car with remote control.
Product description
The package of the product contains a plastic toy car (scale 1:16)with a control frequency of 27 MHz, (number plate on the product: QX-3021), operated by batteries, a battery charger (QUN XING 220V;50/60 Hz; output: DC 6V 700mA Class II), a remote control (“QUNXING SUPER POWER RADIO CONTROL MADE IN CHINA R/C 27 MHz 9V”), battery ( “Ni-Cd AA1000mAh 4,8V”), and a dry battery of 9V 6LR61. Size: L: 26 cm x W:11,5 cm x H:7 cm.
The product poses a risk of : (i) electric shock because: - the plug of the battery charger is non-standardized and the attached adaptor-transformer does not comply with the national plug/socket system, - the cover of the battery charger can be removed without using a tool, - the age symbol (8 years), certain safety instructions of the battery charger and warnings are missing. (ii) burns and fire because when the battery charger is short-circuited the cover overheats. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage Directive and relevant European standards EN-60335 and EN-50088.
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Consumer product
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Burns Electric shock Fire
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Products with serious risks
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