Children’s bicycle

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  • Long Cheng
Product title
Children’s bicycle
Product description
Young child’s 12" bicycle with a pair of stabilisers. The saddle is higher than 435 mm.
The product poses the risk of injuries because: - there are sharp edges on the handlebars and luggage carrier; - using the backpedal brake, the difference between the driving and braking positions of the pedal crank is too high which increases the braking time; - the distance between the pedals and the front mudguard is too small (2.5 mm) and therefore the feet may get caught in the front mudguard during use; - the chainguard does not completely cover the edge of the chain and clothing may get caught; - the static strength of the saddle is not suitable, since the seat is removable, which can cause injury; - the stabilisers are too close to the vertical plane of the frame, so the bicycle can easily tip over on uneven surfaces. In addition, the diameter of the ends of the handlebar is too small. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 14765.
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Consumer product
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