Ornamental garden torches

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Ornamental garden torches
Product description
The ornamental torches are composed of a bamboo frame, an aluminium vessel with a screw cap, a wick and a washer. The washer measures 3 cm in diameter and is found under the screw cap, between the wick and the aluminium cap. It is made of friable chrysotile asbestos, is easily removable and can be broken up using one’s fingers. The only difference between the items is their size.
This product poses a carcinogenic risk due to release of friable chrysotil-asbestos fibres (carcinogen by inhalation - class 1 IARC) if the asbestos washer is handled or dispersed in the environment. This product does not comply with the Chemicals Restrictions Directive 76/769/EEC. Voluntary withdrawal from the market by the distributor.
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Bamboo ornamental garden torches in various sizes: 60 cm torch, code 3109000
90 cm torch, code 3109001
120 cm torch, code 3109002
180 cm torch, code 3109003
40 cm torch, code 3109004
Set of 120 cm torches with wicks, code 3109005.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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