Mini motorbikes - "Moped 49cc Crossimopo"

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  • Dirt Bike in English manual: Rolson
Product title
Mini motorbikes - "Moped 49cc Crossimopo"
Product description
Mini-motorbike 49 cc
This product poses a risk of injuries because : - the brake disc is bending notably when using the rear brake. The bending is stressing the thin disc that will probably lock up the rear wheel if failure is happening; - the maximum speed of the machine is high for the little children so the consequences can be very serious if the control is lost. There is no speed limiter in the machine; - the inadequate guarded drive chain causes potential risk of compression for the driver. Especially the rear sprocket’s lower front side should have a chain guard which would prevent the user to get his leg between the chain and sprocket; - the unguarded exhaust pipe poses a significant threat of burn to the user even after driving session for example when closing the fuel valve; - the Finnish and English manual followed the machine but Swedish manual is missing; - markings of the machine are also insufficient. This product does not comply with the Machinery Directive.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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