Wedge splitter - Agricultural and forestry machinery Log splitter

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  • Pilkemaster
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Wedge splitter - Agricultural and forestry machinery Log splitter
Product description
Combined wedge splitter and cut-off machine
This product poses a risk of injuries because there is danger of contact with moving parts of the machine in the splitting zone. The splitting zone was not guarded by using of an interlocking guard with guard locking or by using two-hand control device. There was no guarding of splitting zone. Cutting is made with a chainsaw. The chainsaw is operated with a hold-to-run control function. When the operating handle is released, the chainsaw returns to the uppermost position and the chain is stopped. During the cutting operation the short guard in the feed opening does not give adequate protection. The guarding of machine does not protect bystanders or other persons working with machine. One reported accident in Finland: two persons were using the machine. One person was using the machine and the other person reached to the splitting zone with his hands. The fingers of the other person were crushed between the log and the splitting wedge. This product does not comply with the Machinery Directive and the relevant European standard EN 609-1.
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Machines made between years 2000-2006.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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