Robotic lawnmower

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Robotic lawnmower
Product description
original manufacturers type designation: TC-G158Robotic lawnmower
The product poses a risk of cuts and injuries because: - the enclosure for the cutting mechanism does not extend below the cutting plane resulting in risk of objects being fired out and of body parts coming into contact with the cutting mechanism; - it is possible for a person to raise the machine horizontally from its normal working position and hence get access to the rotating blades, or to lift the machine at one side (tilting it by more than 30 degrees) without the cutting mechanism stopping. Therefore, there is a risk of amputation of fingers, cuts and skin lesions; - the time it takes for the cutting mechanism to stop is measured at 4-5 seconds which is not in accordance with the standard and is not considered sufficient. The product does not comply with the Machinery Directive, the relevant European standard EN 836 or ISO EN 13850.
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Consumer product
Risk type
Cuts Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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