Angle grinder

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Angle grinder
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The product has orange plastic cover, the gear house has silver metal cover with back insert at the grip. Main parts of the device: mains plug (FY-007; 16A; 250V; VDE); mains cable (H07RN-F; 2x1mm2; 450/750V; VDE); switch unit (FA5-12/2DB; 12(12)A; 250V~; 5E4; S; CE); suppression condenser (AD; MEX GPF; 0,47 ?F; K; X2; 250V~; + marks of approval); motor without inscriptions. Technical specification: 230 V; 50 Hz; 2500 W; Class II; 6000 RPM; 230 mm.
The product poses a risk of: - electric shock because the mechanical strength of the ventilation holes are not sufficient, therefore the live parts become accessible, - fire since due to the unfixed internal wiring short circuit may occur, the connections are made by twisting the cores of the wires, screws can protrude into the plastic cover, - injuries because the size of the protection shield is not appropriate. The product does not comply with Machinery Directive and the relevant European standard EN 50144.
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Fire Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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