Circular saw

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Circular saw
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The housing of the circular saw and the grips were made of plastic, the grip containing the switch has a softer and different coloured insert. Other parts of the machine were made of metal. The unintentional press of the switch is prevented by a locking mechanism, the machine can be switched on by two separate motions, and the switch becomes locked when released. The depth and angle of the cut can be adjusted by sinking and turning the base plate. The protecting shields and the splitting wedge move together with the motor and saw, thus their relative position is permanent. Main components: plug with inscription: " YYEAC YXD-02 16A 250V~"+ marks of approval; mains cable with inscriptions: "YUAO YUXIANG H05VV-F 2X0,75mm2"+VDE; bipolar switch with inscription: "FA6-4/2B 4(4)A 250V~ 5E4" + S; sawing disc with inscription: "185MMX20MMX18T" Technical specifications: 230V~; 50Hz; 1200W; 4500rpm; Class II; diameter of the disc:185 mm.
The product poses a risk of: - electric shock since the unfixed internal wiring can get into contact with moving parts and sharp edges, and the majority of electrical safety instructions are missing from the instructions for use, - injuries because the cutting wedge suffers permanent deformation, moreover the instructions for use do not include the majority of the general safety instructions neither the specific safety rules relating to the hand-held circular saws. The product does not comply with Machinery Directive and the relevant European standard EN 60745.
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Bar code: 1 092 034 789 340
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Consumer product
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Electric shock Injuries
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Products with serious risks
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