Textile baby book - Mein-Baby-Buch zum Kuscheln und Knistern [My

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  • Carlsen® Verlag GmbH
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Textile baby book - Mein-Baby-Buch zum Kuscheln und Knistern [My Cuddly Crackly Baby Book]
Product description
8-page textile baby book with sewn-in crackling foil and padding, and printed coloured animal motifs (e.g. duck, hares, cat, sheep); pages with green/yellow margin; measuring 14 x 14 cm; with yellow velcro attachment; smell: intensely chemical, unpleasant.
This product poses a chemical risk because it contains excessive level of azodyes forming, inter alia, 4,4-Methylene-bis-(2-chloroaniline) : - Blue dye: 186 mg/kg, - Green dye: 139 mg/kg, - Red dye: 116 mg/kg. - Mixed sample of other colours (black, yellow, brown, apricot): 132 mg/kg.
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ISBN 978-3-551-16548-0
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Consumer product
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Hong Kong
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Products with serious risks
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