Incense sticks - Jasmine

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  • Libero Mondo
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Incense sticks - Jasmine
Product description
The item's packaging is made out of cardboard and is rectangular, flat and yellow. On the front there is a picture of a long green leaf; at the top there are pictures of two smaller symmetrical leaves placed horizontally; beneath them the logo of the "Libero Mondo" brand and the word "JASMINE" are displayed in green font. At the bottom a text box contains the text: natural incense sticks. The back of the packaging bears details and the address of the importer and distributor and of the manufacturer.
The product poses a chemical risk because the incense sticks release 30 µg/m³ of benzene during combustion and 21 µg/m³ of benzene after combustion. Furthermore, the product releases also 26 µg/m³ of toluene during combustion and 21 µg/m³ toluene after combustion. As the product is intended for use in closed environments and not to be dispersed by ventilation, the values for benzene and toluene are to be considered harmful to health.
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Consumer product
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