Laser pointers – key rings

Recall published
  • “Lankunxilie Supermarket monipilization”
Product title
Laser pointers – key rings
Product description
Laser pointers – key-rings with inscription “Lankunxilie Supermarket monipilization”, made in China, and sticker DANGER.
The product poses a serious risk of damage to sight because : - the laser radiation measured at the output aperture of the laser pointer showed a maximum power of 1.40 mW. The measured P value is lower than the maximum admissible power for lasers of class IIIA, but exceeds the maximum admissible power for lasers of class II. Therefore, the laser pointer is a laser system of class IIIA; - the corpus of the laser pointer has a marking with warning and information sticker indicating the main technical characteristics and the class, which did not comply with the real class of the laser pointer; - no safety working instructions are printed on the package of the laser pointer and there is no warning that laser pointers should not be used by children. The instructions to the laser pointer should be supplemented with a warning to avoid direct looking into the laser beam or its mirror reflection, unless wearing protective glasses, as well as to avoid directing the laser beam to bare eyes.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Damage to sight
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RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
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