Passenger car 987 and 997

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Passenger car 987 and 997
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Passenger car
The diameter of the hole in the seatbelt end mount is too small. It is not possible to fully slide the mount onto the collar of the fastening screw. When the fastening screw is tightened, the belt end mount is pressed firmly against the vehicle body and cannot be rotated. This causes the reduced effectiveness of the restraint system in the event of a crash, increasing the seriousness of the injuries.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Concerns vehicles built between 31.05.2011 and 10.06.2011:
·         Vehicle type 987, EG-type approval e13*2001/116*0141*12 and 13.
·         Vehicle type 997, EG-type approval e13*2001/116*0137*15 und 16
(incl. Speedster, not incl. Turbo, Turbo S).
·         Vehicle type 997, EG-type approval e13*2001/116*0177*09
(Turbo, Turbo S) .
·         Vehicle type 997, EG-type approval e13*KS07/46*0001*03 and 04 (911GT3RS4.0)
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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