Solid-fuel barbecue

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Solid-fuel barbecue
Product description
Barbecue consisting of two wire grills with handles over a case/fire bowl. Dimensions: 42 cm X 24 cm.
The product poses a serious risk of cuts because: – of sharp edges and dangerous roughness, – the wind shield, which is 0.36 mm thick, is not covered, folded or curved; and a serious risk of burns and fire because: – the temperature of the base on which the barbecue rests exceeded the maximum limit of 70°C during testing (temperature measured at 106°C before combustion was halted to prevent damage to the test object), – handling of the accessories is not sufficiently easy when the grill is loaded in accordance with the requirement of standard EN 1860, – the fire bowl plate is 0.35 mm thick, which is less than the minimum limit of 0.8 mm for a barbecue, the grill of which has a largest dimension exceeding 400mm, – the fire bowl did not resist the perforation test, which indicates that the barbecue may be perforated as a result of mechanical shock, – 80 % of the surface of the fire bowl is of a depth below the minimum limit of 60 mm specified by the standard for a barbecue, the grill of which has a largest dimension exceeding 400 mm, – existence of a lateral opening, the surface of which exceeds the maximum limit of 50 mm², thus allowing embers to fall out, - absence of the required marking on the barbecue (identification of the party responsible for initial marketing and of the barbecue model, and warning against use of alcohol, petrol or other similar liquid to light or reactivate the fire. The product does not comply with the relevant European standard EN 1860-1.
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Burns Cuts Fire
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