Swim ring

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Swim ring
Product description
A swim ring with diameter 90 cm made from an yellow PVC, in offer in various sizes, notices on the ring: Swim ring with a letter A, B, C or D, ABCD series, warning in various languages close to a valve, packed in a transparent bag with inserted paper containing a picture of the product, a trade name AIXIANG TM, origin and offered sizes of the swim ring. A sticker with a general name “Nafukovacka” (=inflatable), warnings and other marking is glued on the pack, too.
The product poses a chemical risk because: - the valve contains12,0 % by weight of DEHP, - the yellow plastic foil with printing contains 11,8 % by weight of DEHP. According to Directive 2005/84/EC phthalates shall not be used in the toys and the products designed for a care for a child in concentration higher than of 0,1 % by weight. The product poses a serious risk for the health of a child.
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EAN: 8511690044813, type: 90 cm.
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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