Snake swim ring - Nafukovacie zvieratká

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Snake swim ring - Nafukovacie zvieratká
Product description
Toy- inflatable swim ring in shape of a snake from a transparent orange PVC with printing – eyes on a head, yellow maculae on a back, 188 cm long, a side opening close to the head for insertion of a tail by which a “ring” for swimming is created. Packing: a transparent plastic bag with an inserted paper containing a picture of the product, its name and logo Bestway in the front, an user manual, warnings in various languages, target age group of children, EAN code on the back. According to a sticker glued on the pack, the toy is made from material – vinyl 0,25 mm, suitable for children up to 3 years.
The product poses a chemical risk because: - the valve contains 26,7 % by weight of DEHP, - the transparent orange plastic foil contains 23,2 % by weight of DEHP. According to Directive 2005/84/EC phthalates shall not be used in the toys and the products designed for a care for a child in concentration higher than of 0,1 % by weight. The product poses a serious risk for health of a child.
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188cm (74“), #36041, EAN: 821808360413
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Consumer product
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Products with serious risks
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