Soap in the shape of tarts and buns

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  • Ancient wisdom.
Product title
Soap in the shape of tarts and buns..
Product description
The soap tarts are divided into 14 portions which the retailer sells separately in transparent cellophane without any label or container. The following varieties exist: strawberry and coconut, orange and lemon, blueberry and apple hearts. Different varieties of individual soap buns are also sold: strawberry and coconut, chocolate and mint, orange and lemon, blueberry and apple hearts. The buns carry a label in a language other than Spanish.
The product poses a serious risk of choking because the soaps may be misleading, in that their form, colour and appearance may lead consumers, and children in particular, to take them for a foodstuff. It is easy to bite off a piece of soap, which may pose a risk of choking and gastrointestinal upsets.
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Consumer product
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Country of origin
United Kingdom
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Products with serious risks
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