Spinning Top

Recall published
  • Toinsamadrid
Product title
1. Spinning Top, and 2. Toy mobile phone
Product description
1. Spinning top: multi-coloured plastic, packaged in cardboard marked with the indication: flashing top, lighting and music. 2. Toy mobile phone: plastic, blister packaging. The box is marked with the indication: electronic mobile phone, electronic sounds.
1. The product poses a risk of damage to sight because it contains a Class 3 laser. 2. The product poses a risk of cuts because it does not have sufficient mechanical resistance and can break easily producing sharp points and edges. The products do not comply with the Toys Directive and with the relevant European standards EN 60825 and EN 62115.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
1) Flashing Top: 03-739
2) Electronic Mobile Phone: 03-6630
Recall type
Consumer product
Risk type
Cuts Damage to sight
Country of origin
RAPEX Reference
Risk level
Products with serious risks
Notifying country


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