Decorative figure - Snowman

Recall published
  • Unknown (Blokker B. V.)
Product title
Decorative figure - Snowman
Product description
The sample is a cloth doll in the form of a snowman. It consists of a white body in two parts with hanging legs made of threaded wooden beads, and black cloth boots with white laces and red edging. It has a red hat, green scarf and blue jacket. The head consists of a solid sphere. All other body parts are stuffed with soft material. A plastic attachment on the hat makes it easy to hang the toy up. The sample is 36 cm long and weighs 91 g.
This product poses a risk of choking because even though the product is a decoration, its foreseeable use in a manner not intended means that it needs to be as safe as a stuffed animal intended for children under 3 years because children will think it is a toy. The right leg and the nose broke at an applied force of 33 N and 11 N respectively, and should have been able to withstand 88 N. They are small parts which may be swallowed.
Measures taken
Batch number / barcode
Model number
Snowman with red hat
No type specification
EAN 8716201473384.
Recall type
Consumer product
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Risk level
Products with serious risks
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